Pretty Many People by Three Man Cannon

So after three weeks of hiatus due to the website being down, I have finally got it back up again! So without further ado I present the next album in our lineup of… Continue reading

Made In Jamaica by Courtney John

Let’s get ready, to do rocksteady! I watching the movie Chef recently, which had a pretty decent soundtrack, a song called Lucky Man by a certain Mr Courtney John played. It had a… Continue reading

Forest & the Evergreens

Here comes my first bandcamp picks which is also the first album I reviewed when this channel was formerly known as “For The Love For Music” This band is from Columbus, Ohio. They… Continue reading

En L’air – Dark Furs

Have you ever wanted to know how a female fronted indie pop trio from LA and the UK sounded like if you threw them down a deep well and forced them to play only… Continue reading

Will everything REALLY be alright?

So after four years since Weezer’s last album “Death to False Metal”.  On 7th of October 2014 they will drop their forthcoming ninth studio album. On top of that it is the third Weezer album… Continue reading

Nightingale Tales by Bihzhu

Finally we have ourself the first Malaysian artist to be featured on this website. Her name is Nicole Foo also known as Bihzu a singer-songwriter who is from Penang and has released 2… Continue reading

Getting infinitely high with fall out boy!

So i just came back from AmCorp Mall with a few new CDs and vinyl, however “infinity on high” was one of the second hand CDs that  managed to grab for a fairly… Continue reading

Welcome to the new medium!

Hello all music lovers, after much thought and with the help of others. I have now decided to move all of my postings for this network to wordpress because it is a much… Continue reading

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